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Notice of 38th Annual Bay to Bay Trailable Yacht Race
5th - 6th May 2018 - Issued 12 Feb 2018


The Hervey Bay Sailing Club invites entries from eligible Trailable Yachts to sail this approximately 84km long Category 5 event with limited rescue boat availability on the waters of the Great Sandy Strait.

The Hervey Bay Sailing Club is situated on a beautiful 7 km white sandy beach, facing North, in the delightful City of Hervey Bay, three and a half hours North of Brisbane. It's protected by the magnificent Heritage listed Fraser Island, making for an excellent sailing venue, that has been utilized by the Club over the last 40 yrs.

Since it's infancy in 1968, Hervey Bay Sailing Club started as a tent on the beach,with a small number of enthusiastic sailors, sailing a Gwen, a Heron, Moth, P class and a sabot,  for the first couple of years, till the members built their own purpose built two story club house, and the number and diversity of boats grew. It has become a popular venue for Club racing, social functions, and Regattas over the years, including Cobras, Herons, Lasers, Nacras, Hobies, Taipans, A-Class and sabots, just to mention a few. Many who have visited the Club comment on it's excellent position for viewing the racing, or just taking in the wonderful scenery.

These waters are also home to the famous "Bay to Bay Yacht Race", held every year since 1981,  into it's 37th Year, in 2017, and proudly sponsored by the Hervey Bay Boat Club. This race has attracted as many as 200 trailerable yachts in the past, and promises to be a special event in the sailing calendar of all on the East Coast in 2017.

When 14 people sat down to plan a trailer yacht race from Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay on April 18, 1980, they began a sailing saga that became the biggest event of its type in Queensland- and second only in Australia.

The Meeting venue was Andy Postan's house - also in the planning team were Ivan Barnes, Noel Glanfied, Jim Lyall, Greg Clifford, Doug Young, Bevan Brown, Jim Alfleck, Bob Maslen, Trevor Cecil, Jim, Chris and Cynthia Wicklund and Allan Bowan. All belonged to the Hervey Bay Sailing Club.

A two day race format with a stopover at Garry's Anchorage, Fraser Island, was decided on as the 87km course was considered rather long for a one day race.