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Stay up to date with the Latest News for the Hervey Bay Boat Club Bay to Bay Trailerable Yacht Race.


Frequently Asked Questions

Changing your PASSWORD:  Remember you can change your password at any time by selecting "My Account" >> "Edit" (once you are logged in of course!!)

Lost your password? - Click HERE

To register online for the 2018 Hervey Bay Boat Club Bay to Bay Trailerable Yacht Race please "Create a new Account to the below left.

Once your registration details have been sent to you via email, you can then log on using those details, and click the online "Registration Form link under "2018 Bay to Bay" to the left (that will magically appear once logging in).

Please continually check your email Spam or Junk Folders for messages.

The written entry form will be made available on request by e-mail or phone.

(those who registered for prior Bay to Bay Regattas via this website)

Please use the below Submission Guide

Previous Entry Submission Guide

  1. You MUST be logged using the same details/name for previous years entries. If you have forgotten your password, please click here to request a new password.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in, the "Registration Form" menu will be visible in the left menu bar.

  3. Click on "Registration Form" in the left menu
  4. If you have previously submitted a form, you will see the text -

    "This form has been pre-populated using data from your most recent submission submitted on ...... "

    What this means is that the form will automatically include all data from the LAST Entry you completed.

    If you have NOT previously submitted a form, this will not be visible.
  5. Go through all entry details confirming information.
  6. Commence checking details of the previous entry to ensure information is current.  Move to the next page by clicking "Next Page" found at the bottom of every form page section.

  7. After working your way through the form details, you will arrive at the last page where you will be able to submit your entry form and choose whether you wish to use Paypal or Cheque to pay for your 2013 Registration Fee..

  8. Completed - form with updated info will be sent to the HBSC and a copy to you for your records. Just confirm your payment details on the final page.

If you have changed your email address since last entry and this email is now deleted or not accessible - you will NOT receive a new password.

Please CLICK HERE to request your Username and the Web Administrator MAY be able to reset and send you the new details.